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Not quite normal...
United States
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1.) Post the rules. 
2.) Post 8 facts about your character. 
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars. 

This time I was tagged by :iconrobenix: and he picked Fenian...

So, 8 things about FenianFen-ChristopherRobin+Vrykon 2 by Kaemgen

  1. Fenian was created accidentally.  I had never played a female character in City of Heroes and frankly found the idea of playing a female toon a bit odd or such.  But on the Art Forums of the message boards their was the Color Palette Challenge thread where you were given two colors and maybe a theme (as I recall, definite 2 or 3 colors, I think themes were occasional, not a constant part?) and you had to design a character around it.  Entering that was the first time I had designed a female toon in game... And I liked how it came out so much that, after a couple color tweaks from the original challenge, I had created Fenian.
  2. Despite the above, Fenian quickly became my most used character.  I had blaster Fenian, Scrapper Fenian, Brute Fenian... All explained by the fact her magic was adaptable.  There were also Fenian spin-offs when Fenian was cloned and had a magical doppelgänger accidentally created.  Fenian (and her variations) were the only female characters I ever played in CoH to level 50.  I created a bunch of others but generally more just to grab screenshots for future arts rather than to play.
  3. Fenian cannot settle on a single costume.  She just insists on constantly changing outfits.  The only total constants are the green and orange colors of her outfits. A handful of Fenians by Kaemgen  This is as true for artwork as it was in game.  The rest of my characters I always seemed to easily settle on one main costume, maybe one or two variants... But apparently Fenian is a clothes horse who just cannot settle on just one look.  Some of this was just because I tended to give artists a lot of freedom on her costume in arts but I was also in Icon with Fenian about as often as I was on a mission map.
  4. In theory, Fenian could be the most powerful wielder of magic in her universe.  But she is lazy, reluctant and a bit scared of the power and responsibility that would come with that.  She sees herself as a more "street level" hero who'd be much happier just keeping her own neighborhood safe and peaceful than taking on giant robots threatening to take over the world, or sadistic demon-squids threatening to destroy it.  But despite her reluctance, her sense of duty and responsibility always wins out and she does what needs doing.  
  5. Fenian regularly messes with peoples brains.  She wants a secret identity but masks just put a crimp in her style.  As a results, she designed the most powerful magic she has ever attempted.  The particular spell affects the memories of any who encounter her and created a magical barrier which prevents people from connecting Fenian with her day to day persona of Kaitlyn O'Connor.  This spell is woven into the lace bodysuit that has become a staple of Fenian's outfits and the spell affects anyone who glimpses any portion of the bodysuit, be it in person, on film or even through reading the thoughts of another.  The spell is not perfect but is pretty damn effective in keeping her identity secret.  The fact she was so easily able to create a spell that so easily affects the minds of so many is one of the reasons she is so hesitant about really studying and striving to be as powerful as she could be.
  6. Fenian has a shady past.  Dropped out of High School when she ran away from home at 15.  Lived on the streets surviving through begging and petty theft.  Had brief careers as an exotic dancer and in the adult film industry as an actress.  Fenian only turned her life around and really embraced her powers to become a hero when her girlfriend was murdered.  Likely as a result of her time on the streets and in "questionable" careers, Fenian has a very live and let live attitude on life - If your not harming anyone, she doesn't care.  She also doesn't care what others think about her lifestyle and choices.
  7. Fenian's hair color is totally artificial.  Orange is just not a naturally occurring human hair color.  So no, the carpets do not match the drapes.  Well, at least they wouldn't if she forgot to shave.
  8. Fenian has changed her name.  In my ever ongoing mental storyline (which I really should do more writing on, I know!) Fenian has been recruited into the (555) supergroup and changed her name to Fianna.  Fenian was for a long time used as a derogative towards Irish Catholics and so in joining the group they urged her to create a more PR friendly moniker. 

Huh.  This was harder than I expected.  I think mainly 'cause I "know" Fenian so well that I just didn't see the point of including some things.  Thus number 7 which is a kind of a cheat fact but *shrug*  

And I'm not tagging 8 more people.  I was shocked I came up with 8 last time and I'd probably just tag the same 8 this time just with different characters...  So if you're reading this and I haven't tagged you yet, consider yourself tagged?  lol

Which are you most afraid of actually happening? 

8 deviants said Being a victim of violent crime
5 deviants said Being in an accident
5 deviants said Republicans controlling the government
5 deviants said Alien Cockroach/Spider hybrids deciding to infest your fridge
2 deviants said Squirrels!
1 deviant said Catching Ebola


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